ADB             Asian Development Bank

ADRs           American Depository Receipts

AIF               Alternative Investment Fund

AIFIs           All India Financial Institutions

ALBM          Automated Lending and Borrowing Mechanism

ALBRS        Automated Lending and Borrowing under Rolling Settlement

AMC             Asset Management Company

AMEX          American Stock Exchange

AMFI           Association of Mutual Funds in India

ASC              Accounting Standard Committee

ATM            At-The-Money

ATSs           Alternative Trading System

B2B             Business-to-Business

BEPS          Base Erosion and Profit Shifting

BIFR           Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction

BIS              Bank of International Settlement

BLESS       Borrowing and Lending Securities Scheme

BMC           Base Minimum Capital

BSE             The Stock Exchange, Mumbai

CARE         Credit Analysis & Research Limited

CBDT          Center Board of Direct Taxes

CC                Clearing Corporation

CCIL            Clearing Corporation of India Limited

CDs              Certificate of Deposits

CDSL           Central Depository Services (India) Limited

CFM             Carry Forward Margin

CFRS           Carry Forward under Rolling Settlement

CH                Clearing House

CIMC           Collective Investment Management Company

CISs             Collective Investment Schemes

CIVs             Collective Investment Vehicles

CLF               Collateralised Lending Facility

CM                Clearing member

CME(Merc)          Chicago Mercantile Exchange

CM Segment        Capital Market Segment of NSE

CMIE            Center for Monitoring India Economy

COSI             Committee on Settlement Issues

COTI             Committee of Trade Issues

CP                  Custodial Participant

CPs                Commercial Papers

CRAs             Credit Rating Agencies

CRISIL         Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited

CRR               Cash Reserve Ratio

CSD               Collateral Security Deposit

CSDL             Central Securities Depositing Limited

CSE                Calcutta Stock Exchange

DCA               Department of Company Affair

DDBs             Deep Discount Bonds

DEA              Department of Economic Affair

DFIs             Development Financial Institutions

DIP                Disclosure and Investor Protection

DNS             Deferred Net Settlement

DPs              Depository Participants

DRF             Demat  Request Form

DRR             Debenture Redemption Reserve

DSCE           Debt Securities Convertible Into Equity

DSCR           Debt Service Coverage Ratio

DvP              Delivery versus Payment

ECB              Euro Commercial Borrowings

ECNS           Electronic Communication Networks

EDGAR        Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval

EDIFAR       Electronic Data Information Filing and Retrieval

EFT               Electronic Fund Transfer

ELSS             Equity Linked Saving Schemes

EPS               Earnings Per Share

ETFs             Exchange Traded Funds

F&O              Futures and Options

FCCBs          Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds

FDI               Foreign Direct Investment

FDRs            Foreign Deposit Receipts

FDs               Fixed Deposits

FEMA           Foreign Exchange Management Act-1999

FERA            Foreign Exchange Regulation Act-1973

FIBV             International World Federation of Stock Exchanges

FIIs               Foreign Institutional Investors

FIMMDA     Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association

Fis                 Financial Institutions

FMC                Forward Market Commission

FMCG             Fast Moving Consumer Goods

FRAs              Forward Rate Agreement

FVCIs             Foreign Venture Capital Investors

GAAR             General Anti Avoidance Bill

GATT             General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

GDP                Gross Domestic Product

GDRs              Global Deposit Receipts

GDS                Gross Domestic Saving

GNP                Gross National Product

GOI                  Government of India

G-Sec              Government Securities

GST                 Goods and Services Tax

GTC                 Good Till Cancelled

GTD                 Good Till Days/Date

i-BEX               ICICI Securities Bonds Index

IBRD                International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

ICAI                  Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

ICICI                 Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited

ICRA                 Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India

ICSE                 Inter-Connected Stock Exchange of India Limited

IDA                   International Development Association

IDBI                  Industrial Development Bank of India

IFC                    International Finance Corporation

IFSD                  Interest Free Security Deposit

IGC                    Investor Grievance Cell

IIM                    Indian Institute of Management

IISL                   India Index Services and Products Limited

IMF                   International Monetary Fund

IOC                   Immediate or Cancel

IOSCO              International Organisation of Securities Commission

IPF                    Investor Protection Fund

IPO                   Initial Public Offer

IRDA                Insurance Securities Regulatory and Development Authority

IRS                   Interest Rate Swap

ISIN                 International Securities Identification Number

ISSA                International Securities Services Association

IT                     Information Technology

ITM                 In-The-Money

LAF                 Liquidity Adjustment Facility

LIC                   Life Insurance Corporation of India Limited

LM                   Lead Manager

MCFS              Modefied Carry Forward System

MCX                Multi Commodity Exchange

MFs                 Mutual Funds

MFSS              Mutual fund Service System

MIBID            Mumbai Inter-bank Bid Rate

MIBOR          Mumbai Inter-bank Offer Rate

MIGA             Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

MMMF          Money Market Mutual Fund

MNCs            Multi National Companies

MOU             Memorandum of Understanding

MSCI             Morgam Stanley Capital International. (MSCI has seperated from morgan stanley in

2009. Please see Glossary)

MTM             Mark-To-Market

NASDAQ      National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System

NAV              Net Asset Value

NBFCs          Non-Banking Financial Companies

NCAER         National Council for Applied Economic Research

NCDs            Non-convertible Debentures

NCDEX         National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited

NCDS            Non-convertible Debt Securities

NCFM           NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets

NDS               Negotiatied Dealing System

NEAT            National Stock Exchange Automated Trading

NGOs            Non Government Organisations

NIBIS            NSE’s Internet-Based Information System

NIC                National Informatics Centre

NPAs             Non Performing Assets

NPS                National Pension System

NRIs               Non Resident Indians

NSCCL            National Securities Clearing Corporation of India Limited

NSDL              National Securities Depository Limited

NSE                 National Stock Exchange of India Limited

NYSE               New York Stock Exchange

OCBs               Overseas Corporate Bodies

ODA                 Official Development Assistance

OECLOB         Open Electronic Consolidate a Limit Order Book

OIS                   Overnight Index Swaps

ORS                  Order Routing System

OTC                  Over the Counter

OTCEI               Over the Counter Exchange of India Limited

OTM                   Out-of the-Money

P/E ratio           Price Earning Ratio

PAN                    Permanent Account Number

PCM                    Professional Clearing Member

PDAI                   Primary Dealers Association of India

PDO                    Public Debt Office

PDs                     Primary Dealers

PRI                      Principal Return Index

PRISM                Parallel Risk Management System

PSUs                   Public Sector Undertakings

PV                       Present Value

QIBs                   Qualified Institutional Buyers

RBI                     Reserve Bank of India

REIT                   Real Estate Investment Trusts

ROCs                  Registrar of Companies

RRF                    Remat Request Form

RTGS                 Real Time Gross Settlement

S&P                   Standard and Poor’s

SAT                    Securities Appellate Tribunal

SC(R)A              Securities Contract (Regulation) Act, 1956

SC ( R )R           Securities Contract (Regulation) Rules, 1957

SCMRD             Society for Capital Market Research and Development

SDs                    Satellite Dealers

SDR                   Special Drawing Rights

SEBI                  Securities and Exchange Board of India

SEC                Securities Exchange Commission

SGF                Settlement Guarantee Fund

SGL                Subsidiary General Ledger

SGX-DT         The Singapore Exchange Derivative Trading Limited

SIPC              Securities Investor Protection Corporation

SLR                Statutory Liquidity Ratio

SPAN            Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risks

SPV               Special Purpose Vehicle

SROs             Self Regulatory Organisations

SSS                Securities Settlement System

STT                Securities Transaction Tax

STP                Straight Through Processing

STRIPS          Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities

SUS 99          Special Unit Scheme 99

SWIFT           Society for World’wide International Financial Telecommunication

T-Bills           Treasury Bills

TDS                Tax Deducted at Source

TM                 Trading Member

TRI                 Total Return Index

UTI                 Unit Trust of India

VaR                Value at Risk

VCC                Venture Capital Company

VCFs              Venture Capital Funds

VCUs             Venture Capital Undertakings

VSAT             Very Small Aperture Terminal

WAN             Wide Area Network

WAP             Wireless Application Protocol

WDM           Wholesale Debt Market Segment of NSE

WTO            World Trade Organisation

YTM             Yield to Maturity

ZCYC            Zero Coupon Yield Curve